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Mark Hartley Tree Anatomy Workshop


 5:30PM - 8:30PM  STIHL Bar Conference Welcome Function & ATCC Awards Presentations | MCG, Trade Exhibition Area


 8:00AM  Conference opening, Welcome to Country & Intro to Melbourne and the MCG

 8:45AM  Key Speaker 1 | Brian Kane, Professor of Arboriculture, University of Massachusetts

What is Arboricultural Biomechanics and Why Should I Care?

 9:25AM  Key speaker 2 | John Parker, CEO, UK Arboricultural Association
Abori-what? Raising awareness of the tree care profession

 10:20AM  Morning tea 

 10:45AM  Speaker | John Rantino, Special Counsel, Maddocks Lawyers

The role of the arborist in applying the planning scheme exemptions and enforcement

 11:45AM  Panel Discussion | John Rantino (Maddocks Lawyers), Cameron Ryder (C&R Ryder Consulting), Philip Martin (Member VCAT)

This panel discussion will explore the role of different individuals during legal proceedings regarding trees. We will discuss;

  • the protocols and requirements form the perspective of the Court or Tribunal - Philip Martin

  • legal representation of individuals - John Rantino

  • and the tasks and requirements expected of an expert witness to fulfil legal obligations - Cameron Ryder 

 12:30PM  Lunch

ARB Stream

 2:15PM  Speaker | Kelly Hertzog, Urban Forest and Ecology

A decade of urban forestry in Melbourne: what’s working, what’s not and how we can fix it

 3:30PM  Speaker | John Parker, CEO, UK Arboricultural Association

The Challenge of improving standards in an unregulated sector

 4:15PM  Speaker | Alistair Merricks, Auditor, irata international

Ropes, Knots & other interesting stuff

 4:45PM  Day one close

UAAA Stream

 1:30PM  Speaker | Shawn Huff, Regional Director, Asplundh 

How Creative Can We Be? 

 3:30PM  Speaker |  Ian Burgwin, General Manager, Regulatory Operations Energy Safe

Electric Line Clearance and Risk Based Regulation

 4:15PM  Speaker Paul De Mar, Risk management consultant, GHD

Clear to Sky overhang removal requirements – what risks are we managing and creating?

 3:00PM  Afternoon Tea

 6:30PM  Gala Dinner & Awards | Members Lounge, MCG


ARB Stream

 8:45AM  Speaker | Brian Kane, Professor of Arboriculture, University of Massachusetts

How well do Arborists assess likelihood of tree failure due to stem decay?

 9:30AM  Speaker | David Ferrier, Treasuring our Trees

Treasuring Our Trees - Creating change

 10:45AM  Speaker | Dr Ken James, Research Consultant,

Ken James & Associates

Dynamic concepts of Trees’ Wind Resistance and Mass Damping

UAAA Stream

 8:45AM  Speaker | David Broadhurst, Co-founder & CEO, CodeSafe

Simplifying and Standardising our Arboriculture Industry

 9:30AM  Speaker | Shawn HuffRegional Director, Asplundh 

Safety as a Legacy

 10:45AM  Speaker | Ali Jasper, Active Tree Services

Achieving tree canopy cover targets through modelling, systems and management

 11:30AM  Speaker | Simon Strauss, Active Green Services

Tree Risk Assessment – MIS501 2nd Edition

 10:15AM  Morning Tea 

 12:30PM  Lunch & Official Conference Close

 1:00PM - 3:00PM  Optional Walking Tours / Tour of MCG

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