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Tom Prosser

Founder | Research & Education.

Rainbow Ecoscience

UAAA Stream

Monday 8th April | 2:15pm


The science and practical usage of a Tree Technology


Tom Prosser has been an arborist in the US for more than 35 years. He founded Rainbow Ecoscience out of the United States. Ecoscience is credited for developing solutions for numerous tree related problems and was the developer of Cambistat, a widely used TGR that reduces tree growth rates and improves tree health. He was recently the Chairman of TCIA and served for 9 years on the board of the Tree Fund. Tom attended the University of Minnesota where he studied chemistry, biology, Mycology, and business. He served as CEO of Rainbow for 20 years and recently switched roles to research and education. Tom is committed to professionalizing arboriculture through research and finding solutions that save trees and keep the healthier.


Presentation will be about the science and practical usage of a Tree Technology that has been used in the United States for more than 20 years and recently received approval from the NPVMA for use in Australia.

This technology reduces tree growth by 50-70% for 3 years with one application. It was originally developed for arborists to use as a tool to enhance drought tolerance, increase fibrous roots, strengthen leaves, increase chlorophyll, and help with revitalizing over mature trees.

This talk will explain the science, show many examples of results, and share real world examples of how utilities and arborists are utilizing this technology in the US. It will also highlight another related technology for shrubs that has similar results as trees and is pending NPVMA approval.

The product is called Cambistat. It is applied to the soil at the base of the tree where it is absorbed into the tree.

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