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David Ferrier

Founder and President

Treasuring Our Trees

Tuesday 9th April | 9:30am 


Treasuring Our Trees: Creating change


David Ferrier is the founder and president of not for profit charitable organisation Treasuring Our Trees.

David built an innovative pilot program wanting to repurpose trees that were being removed or had fallen during or after natural disasters. With a vision to build indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchen gardens and more for local schools and community centres.

Some of the benefits of this work is educating the children families and wider community about sustainability whilst improving their mental health and wellbeing.

June 9/21, approximately 25,000 trees fell across the Yarra ranges alone in one of Victoria’s worst storm events.

Treasuring Our Trees built relationships with local state and federal shires, agencies and authorities to gain support with an aim to salvage a portion of those 25,000 to build projects in local schools around the Dandenong hills and beyond.

Approximately 200 homes were destroyed with thousands of residents traumatised by the sound of large mountain ash and other species crashing down around and on top of them.

David and his team went on to build their first healing projects for the Yarra Ranges community.

David was awarded two Australia Day awards by Yarra Ranges and Bayside City Councils for his volunteering and support for the community and for his leadership in building inspiring kitchen garden projects repurposing raw materials.


Here we get to explore the story behind Treasuring Our Trees, and the social impact on communities especially around school and community projects constructed so far.

How T.O.T is working alongside local, state and federal agencies to create better and more sustainable community outcomes.

Shared learnings from the partnerships and collaborations in major projects, especially by driving social procurement standards.

T.O.T’s history of advocating on behalf of community by creating healing projects after natural disasters or large removal projects.

T.O.T identified a need for an industry-led program of salvaging, repurposing, educating and constructing projects for local schools and communities rather than just mulching or cutting up trees for firewood.

The transformation of weathered logs into yarning circles, graduation pens, art/trophy display cabinets, kitchen gardens, retaining walls, rustic log fences, meeting tables, bush cubbies, coffee tables, planter boxes, fairy houses, way finding signs, timber canvases for artwork etc will be felt for decades to come.

So many components supporting and educating our school children and inspiring imaginative play with simple raw materials.

Treasuring Our Trees is now building a legacy around caring for our trees, our land, and each other by creating organic community healing projects. Come along April 9th to learn about the benefits and opportunities presented to us by creating change in our industry.

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