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Shawn Huff

Director of Operations


UAAA Stream

Talk 1: Monday 8th April | 1:30pm

Talk 2: Tuesday 9th April | 9:30am


Talk 1: How Creative Can We Be?

Talk 2: Safety as a Legacy


Shawn Huff had worked as supervisor of vegetation management for transmission and facilities with OG&E since January 2019. Equipped with a forestry background and 26 years of experience in the utility industry, Huff oversaw the vegetation management program for OG&E, which currently has nearly 860,000 customers.  Since December, 2023 , Shawn has served as a Reginal Director for Asplundh Tree Expert Company.


Talk one: How Creative Can We Be?

All utilities struggle against similar obstacles for success. Annual O&M budgets are a constant issue. Internal as well as external pressure to create a program that still adheres to goals set by the executive group. Its never easy to facilitate the changes. It takes perseverance and vision for change to drive leadership from the ground up. We will discuss one companies Vegetation management departments plan to clear these hurdles and how continuous improvement is built into it.

Talk two: Safety as a Legacy

The industry has taken monumental steps in the last 20 years to achieve safer working environments. Training, policies, procedures, equipment have all evolved to keep our people safer. The question keeps coming up “Have our people evolved with it?” We see it often where a decision was made that created an unsafe situation and an incident occurred. Internal motivation must be considered when talking about crew safety.  Why do we as humans make poor choices when we know better? Where does the next evolution of safety commitment come from? I believe it will come from within.

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