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Cameron Ryder

C&R Ryder Consulting

Monday 8th April | 11:30am


The tasks and requirements expected of an expert witness to fulfil legal obligations


Cameron has been involved in the broader horticulture industry for 27 years including 22 studying and practicing arboriculture.  Cameron worked as a climbing arborist for a short while before injury forced an early end.  Since 2004, he has worked as a consultant in the arboricultural industry and completed many and varied projects including as an expert witness in numerous legal forums.

In 2014, Cameron started C&R Ryder Consulting.  Over the past decade, the business has focused on providing high quality tree and vegetation assessments, GNSS tree surveys, expert witness and strategic documentation to local governments, utilities, civil and the legal/insurance sectors.

In recent times Cameron has completed several reports for the Supreme Courts of Victoria and New South Wales as well as the County Court of Victoria in arboricultural matters relating to bushfires and fatalities.


Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will explore the role of different individuals during legal proceedings regarding trees.

We will discuss:

·  the protocols and requirements from the perspective of the Court or tribunal  (Philip Martin, Member VCAT)

·  legal representation of individuals (John Rantino - Maddocks)

·  and the tasks and requirements expected of an expert witness (Cameron Ryder, Ryder Consulting) to fulfil legal obligations.

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