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David Broadhurst

Co-founder and CEO (Chief Engagement Officer)


UAAA Stream

Tuesday 9th April | 8:45am


Simplifying and Standardising our Arboriculture Industry


With a background in the construction industry

managing the installation of pipelines in Australia

and globally, David co-founded CodeSafe Solutions

in 2011 to bridge the communications gap between

the office and the field. CodeSafe developed an awardwinning

Experiential Learning Process and digital platform to

improve worker engagement and knowledge transfer.

He collaborates with organisations to harness worker experience and

knowledge and transfer this expertise via a method that honours people’s

preferred learning styles. The very foundation of CodeSafe is to equip workers

with the skills and tools to build confidence and competence.

His commitment to improving the learning outcomes of the educational and VET

sector, led him to pioneer on-site mobile visual micro-learning to minimise at

risk behaviour and develop leaders of influence, not dominance. As a specialist

in worker engagement, David contributes to thought leadership panels,

including industry advisory groups, and presents to conferences and seminars

on issues of social justice and responsibility.

He is a passionate advocate for holistic health and wellbeing, initially creating a

men’s event and a workplace program to stop the anxiety and depression

epidemic across communities. The Braveheart Freedom Fighters initiative

provides awareness and resources that empower and equip people, while they

are well, to stay well.

Outside of CodeSafe, David likes to keep fit through

running and other outdoor pursuits. Originally from

England, he came to Australia to contest the

Victorian professional athletics circuit, where he

competed successfully in metropolitan and

regional centres.


The Arboriculture industry stands at the precipice of transformative change, and David Broadhurst, a seasoned expert in worker engagement and knowledge transfer, is set to unveil a groundbreaking presentation on simplifying and standardising industry practices. In an era where efficiency and safety are paramount, David explores innovative strategies to streamline operations and elevate safety protocols, promising a new era of excellence. This presentation delves into the intricacies of simplification, emphasizing the elimination of redundant processes, reducing complexities, and fostering a more cohesive and streamlined workflow. David demonstrates how embracing standardised practices can lead to heightened efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved overall productivity within the Arboriculture sector. Safety remains a cornerstone of this presentation, as David addresses the industry's challenges head-on, proposing standardised, principle-based safety protocols that will set a new benchmark for occupational well-being. By aligning safety measures with a universally accepted standard, the Arboriculture industry can cultivate a culture of risk mitigation and incident prevention. Attendees can expect an insightful exploration of real-world case studies, success stories, and practical implementation strategies. David's extensive operational experience positions him as a thought leader capable of guiding the industry towards a future characterised by simplicity, standardisation, and unparalleled operational and safety improvements. Join David Broadhurst in this illuminating presentation to discover how the Arboriculture industry can evolve, adapt, and thrive in the face of contemporary challenges by embracing the power of simplification and standardisation. The future of Arboriculture awaits, and it begins with a commitment to operational excellence, which incorporates improved safety outcomes.

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